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Border team

Project Closed

PROJECT CLOSED! Thousands of refugees showed up at the border every day. They were exhausted after a long journey. They had been shot at and have seen their homes demolished by artillery and rockets. They arrived tired, hungry, wounded and dehydrated, and simply seek safety on the other side of the border. They arrive, mostly women and children, with nothing more to their names than what can fit in a grocery bag.

OperationAid strived every moment of every day to provide these people, in their greatest time of need, with care and compassion when they arrived. We are a small organization that assesses the situation daily and works relentlessly to provide for their needs while they spent 4-24 hours at the border line in all types of weather. We handed out items such as water, juice, coffee, food, snacks, candy, blankets, socks, beanies, diapers and baby food. We bought supplies and walked them a half mile uphill to the queues. 

Refugees have died in these lines from hypothermia. We have made it our mission to set up shelter and propane heaters so people can stay dry and warm. OperationAid has sent teams into Ukraine to extract refugees in order to reunite them with their families.

There was no need too small or too great that our border team would not work relentlessly to resolve. More than anything, OperationAid wanted to make sure these refugees knew that they were safe, that we cared and that we were there to help.

Over time, the amount of refugees at the boarder decreased, replaced by a substantial amount of domestic refugees in Ukraine which is OperationAid's main focus today. 

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