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Distribution of private donations
from Sweden

Did you collect donations among your friends and relatives and are planning to drive to Poland or to Ukraine? Contact us and we will help you make sure things get to those who need them the most.

OperationAid has been able to establish an extensive network consisting of other aid organizations, government officials and locals on both sides of the Polish-Ukrainian border. The situation on the ground changes day by day, and so do the needs of the people affected by the war. Thanks to our local connections, we can identify  where your donations will make the biggest impact. We make sure they don't end up in a warehouse or on the thriving black market, but instead in the hands of people and hospitals in need.

Listen to Ludvig and Jason talk about the food situation in one of the refugee centers and about how donationas are being handled and distributed.

OperationAid would like to thank every single one of the people who have driven down on their own initiative. You have collected money, collected donations, taken off time from work and driven down to Poland. You have helped unload, distribute and so much more. You have handed out warm clothes and food in the border queues for days, in the pouring rain. You have saved a baby from hypothermia. You have made children laugh and have put a smile on their parents faces. Some of you have taken refugees back to Sweden and housed them in your own homes.


Each one of you has been crucial to OperationAid's mission. We cannot thank you enough for your contributions.

If you would like to organize a transport of donations yourself, do not hesitate to contact us. At the moment, food is an absolute priority, as are medical supplies. But things like nappies, feminine products, underwear and power banks are all in high demand as well. You can find an updated wish-list here. Please also read through our instructions on how to pack things.

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