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How can we help you?

Our goal is to get you and your family as quickly as possible out of the refugee centers in Polen into a more sustainable situation.

Here you can read more about how that works.

Information about going to Sweden

OperationAid is present at the refugee centers in Przemysl and Korczowa as well as at the border in Medyka. We understand that you are facing a hard decision: we are here to talk to you. We will do our best to answer your questions about living conditions, work, schools and language courses.

You can find comprehensive inforamtion about what to expect in Sweden here. A more complete explanation can be found here.

At the refugee centers, people from organizations from other countries are sitting right next to us, so you can for example get information about Ireland, France, Germany and others at the same time. 

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Registration for transport to Sweden

Once you have decided to go to Sweden, you will have to register in order to reserve a seat on one of our busses. You can do that at our registration desks in Przemysl and Korczowa. This process is quick and easy.

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Transport to Sweden

We organize free bus transport from Przemysl and Korczowa for those who choose to go to Sweden. 

The bus leaves from the refugee centers and usually goes on the ferry from Gdynia to Karlskrona in Sweden. From there, the bus goes on to its final destination. The entire trip takes around 24 hours. There will of course be stops for toilet breaks and food along the way.

There is a translator on every bus, so you will be able to receive information in your own language throughout your journey. 

In Sweden

What happens after your arrival in Sweden depends on the particular bus you travel on. Make sure you let us know which option you prefer, so we can help you in the best possible way! 


The first option is that you will be taken to the Swedish Migration Agency. They will register you and assign you housing. This can be in hotels, conference centers, or with families. We do not have access to this information, as it is different for each municipality. 


Another possibility is that we match you with a Swedish family. OperationAid works together with organizations in Sweden who keep databases of ordinary Swedes who have opened up their own homes. The matching is done very carefully, and we consider for example if you have children or pets. Your host family will be waiting for you upon your arrival. We cannot promise this solution to all our passengers.

Read more on the official website from the Swedish Migration Agency

In sweden


The European Commission has strongly advised member states to cut red tape for Ukrainian citizens fleeing from the war to safety in the EU with their pet animals, to give refugees “one less thing to worry about”. As a result, you can take your pets with you into Sweden, even if they do not have a passport or vaccinations. They will be allowed to cross the border.

However, your pet might need to quarantene. Furthermore, the Swedish Migration Agency might not be able to house you. If you are given housing with a private family who accepts pets, or if you live with friends, you will be able to keep your pet with you. OperationAid strives to provide a Swedish host family for all refugees, and prioritizes those travelling with pets or who have special needs.  ​

Please read this document outlining the rules for pets coming into Sweden. You can also read more on the website of the Swedish Board of Agriculture.