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Humanitairian Aid inside Ukraine

Today, the procurement and distribution of food and medicine within Ukraine is the number one issue. OperationAid is on the ground, and delivers supplies to communities in need every day.

OperationAid has been able to establish an extensive network consisting of other aid organizations, government officials and locals. The situation on the ground changes day by day, and so do the needs of the people affected by the war. Thanks to our local connections, we can identify where your donations will make the biggest impact. We make sure they don't end up in a warehouse or on the thriving black market, but instead in the hands of people and hospitals in need.

OperationAid and its partners receive requests from specific locations such as hospitals, shelters, orphanages and community organizers. These requests are vetted with the help of our large network in order to determine their genuinity. They can contain anything from canned food, hygiene articles and diesel, to specific medications or things like walking aids, baby clothes and pet food.

The next step is to procure the items requested. Sometimes, OperationAid mobilizes the public in Sweden. Food we buy at a whole seller's in Poland. For drops at institutions, we deliver entire pallets or boxes. For communities, we repack supplies into grocery bags that we hand out directly to families.


Then we plan our supply run, so that the drop can be made as efficiently and safely as possible. OperationAid's team usually hands over the goods directly to those who requested them. However, for drops closer to the frontlines, we rely on trusted local contacts.

Above: a successfull drop in Moshchun, a community in need a lot of help. OperationAid was the first humanitarian aid organization to visit.

Above: from various deliveries throughout Ukraine. OperationAid delivers directly into the hands of people who are in need of supplies.

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