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Transport and Relocation

Because of the changing situation on the ground, OperationAid has suspended all transport from Poland to Sweden since June 1st 2022.

From the beginning of March until the beginning of June 2022, OperationAid offered free transport from several locations in Poland to Sweden. We picked up refugees at some of the biggest refugee centers in Poland, and took them safely to their new reality. 

OperationAid had registration desks at two refugee reception centers: one in Przemysl and one in Karczowa. Our volunteers provided information about Sweden and what it has to offer, what we could provide in terms of transportation and what the process would look like when they arrive to Sweden. 

We worked closely with both Polish and Swedish bus companies. Most of our donations went towards funding this transport.

When the refugees arrived to Sweden they had someone waiting for them to take them to a place to stay. It can be a placement by the Swedish Imigration Office, a health care center or a Swedish family.

We cooperated, among others, with the organisation Refugee Help Sweden. They have a register of families all over Sweden who want to open their homes. Before becoming a host to refugees, each family needs to go through a background check and interview.

If you are interested in becoming a host you can fill out this form: Anmälan värdfamilj. You will be contacted by Refugee Help Sweden. OperationAid extends a big thank you to everyone who is making it possible to provide a safe environment for these families who have been through so much.

"Everything around makes me feel optimisic"
- Ukrainian refugee

"I miss my home much, and one day I will come back but I'll alway remember what Sweden gave me"
- Ukrainian refugee

"I dream to show you my beautiful peaceful Kyiv one day"
- Ukrainian refugee

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