You can help us help Ukrainian refugees and internally displaced

​OperationAid is a grassroots, boots on the ground, non-profit organization (NGO) aiming to help Ukrainian refugees and those internally displaced.

In the past, we were focussed on transportation to and relocation in Sweden and on providing assistance at border crossings.

Because of changing needs, OperationAid has changed its mission to transporting humanitarian aid into Ukraine to communities who are in dire need of food and medicine. 


Busses sent to Sweden

Busses go from refugee shelters in Poland to various destinations in Sweden, for free of course.


Passengers on our busses

We offer free transport to families and individuals who want to relocate to Sweden.


Supply transports into Ukraine

OperationAid coordinates and carries out transports with crucial medical equipment, food and necessities in to Ukraine.


Transports with aid sent

OperationAid has organised several donation events and sends regular transports with material aid from Sweden. In addition, private people drive down and ask OperationAid to make sure their donations are distributed to those in need. 

"Thank you for your support and thank you for your efforts to make this world better. Keep you both in my heart 💛💙"
- Ukrainian refugee

"I write to you thank you for your help to us, you are very good people ❤️"
- Ukrainian refugee