You can help us help Ukrainians with necessities and medical supply 

OperationAid - is a charity that helps Ukraine.
OperationAid focuses mainly on identifying the most urgent needs, raising funds and procuring, and delivering humanitarian aid and medical equipment to Ukraine, to the places where it is needed most.
You can follow the activities in Ukraine every day on social media with updates on actions taken and when and where donations are given.


Pallets with aid sent by train

OperationAid coordinates large transportations into Ukraine - bulk deliveries and pallets of necessities.


Food boxes

OperationAid creates and distributes food boxes to people with basic food supply to various cities in Ukraine.


Supply transports into Ukraine

OperationAid coordinates and carries out transports with crucial medical equipment, food and necessities in to Ukraine.


Transports with aid sent from Sweden

OperationAid has organised several donation events and sends regular transports with material aid from Sweden. 


Busses sent to Sweden

Busses departured from refugee shelters in Poland to various destinations in Sweden.


Passengers on our busses

We have offered transport to families and individuals who wanted to relocate to Sweden.


Evacuation busses to Poland

Busses departure from refugee shelters or places in Ukraine to Poland.


Passengers on our busses

We offer transport to families and individuals who need to be evacuated to Poland.

Inquiries about corporate donations (monthly sponsorship) or projects  Contact Johan Petré or Ludvig Ramestam, or Elly Reinolds 

 +46 70 604 40 32 (collaborations). We offer the possibility to track the donation either via link with representatives from OperationAid on-site or if you prefer to join personally on-site. Options are available depending on the current situation in the country.


Johan Petré

 OperationAid is funded by donations and contributions from...

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